You know that feeling you get towards the end of the year when you feel like your vision is still out of reach?

You look back at your vision board from January and think to yourself "I haven't accomplished any of these things!" If you've listed out your goals you may add some modifications where you can but by and large you feel behind and disappointed.

I know that feeling because I've had it many times and what I realized is that I often didn't accomplish the specific goals I created because beyond making a vision board I failed to make a plan.

But that stops today with The Productivity Pro Bundle designed to help you turn your ideas into action.

This isn't just any kind of bundle. Inside you'll get access to:

A Digital Fillable Planner

Created for the first 3 months of the year this planner provides you with space to map your goals for the quarter, your goals for each month and to track your weekly progress.

A Digital Vision Board Training

Enter the world of Canva to create a vision board that goes with you everywhere! Sometimes the reason we're inconsistent in reaching our goals is because we don't see them daily. After this workshop you'll have to a way to keep your vision board on your phone or computer screen!

Daily Dashboard Template for Trello

Wondering how to keep your day to day tasks organized even if your planner is not within reach? Then you'll love this Daily Dashboard Training and Template teaching you how to use this project management tool to master your organization.

Hi, I’m Brieanna Lightfoot Smith

 I’m a business owner, part-time Program Coordinator, wife, mom of three, and homeschooler who by God’s grace is still able to carve out time for me!

It doesn’t happen by accident though, it takes a lot of intentionality. After experiencing a season of extreme burnout and closing my business in 2018 I developed a desire to build a business without burning the midnight oil constantly.

Several years and several children later I have developed a system that has helped with everything from staying organized in business to planning family trips to paying off debt in a timely fashion. 

I’ve loved all things productivity and organization since I was a kid. Every time Lisa Frank came out with a new collection of folders or notebooks it felt like Christmas! I hope to create that same feeling for you by providing these productivity tools!

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